The Art of Riding by Ylvie Fros

Biomechanics and Mindset of the Rider

Online Module

The beginning of a transformation starts with knowledge and awareness.

In this online module, this is what you will get:

  • Theory lectures on rider posture and biomechanics, explained in a clear and captivating way

  • Easy to do exercises to train a flexible and well-supported posture

  • Knowledge on proper body use and the movement in different gaits, supported with images and videos

  • Exercises to train your movement patterns for walk, trot and canter

  • Train your eye with the video's of case studies

  • Learn what to look for in the rider's seat, with the clear instructions and landmarks

  • Mindfulness exercises for a calm, balanced mind

  • Free PERSONAL support via our Rider's Seat Facebook Group

  • Check your posture on YOUR horse and get personal input from Ylvie with a Free Online Lesson

  • 50% discount to a Rider's Seat Live Event

  • BONUS material: EXTRA Free Online Tai Chi for riders exercises with Arnout Ruitenberg

The Rider Transformation Program

The Art of Riding by Ylvie Fros

Integrating Body and Mind

to Ride your Horse in Harmony and Lightness