The Art of Riding by Ylvie Fros presents:

"When you know what to do and how to do it, 

the sky is the limit!" 

Ylvie Fros


Ylvie's Training Philosophy:

My Training Philosophy: the foundation of good work with horses lies in knowledge and awareness. Followed by a good relationship and communication. Only then can we start to train for balance and health. This can be done in groundwork and in riding. My online modules alternate in focus between the development of the horse and the development of the rider and the connection between horse and rider.

"As a horse trainer and instructor, I live to develop my mind, my body and the mind and body of my horses, and am passionate about passing my knowledge and experience on to other horse lovers so that we can keep our horses happy and healthy and together send positive energy into this world" 

Ylvie Fros



Ylvie Fros is a licensed Bent Branderup Trainer, Centered Riding clinician/instructor level III, Master of Science and Education,

Published author and most important 100% Horse Lover. She teaches at her own farm in the Netherlands and abroad to spread her passion about the Art of Riding. 

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