The Art of Riding by Ylvie Fros presents:

Online Modules

Training for

Harmony, Lightness, Happiness and Health with your horse

  • Learn how a horse should MOVE to stay healthy

  • Learn how you can RIDE without tension, stiffness or pain

  • Learn to SEE how you and your horse move and where you can IMPROVE

  • Improve the RELATIONSHIP and COMMUNICATION with your horse

  • Structure your training to have FUN, SUCCESS and PROGRESS!

Do you encounter problems or difficulties in your riding?

Or do you simply want to improve your riding by making it more subtle and easy?  

Challenges that you encounter in your training with your horse can occur in the following areas:

  • in the body of your horse
  • in your own body
  • in your mindset
  • in the mindset of your horse
  • in the communication with your horse

In my online modules we will look at all these areas. You will improve the relationship with your horse, your training skills and the balance of yourself and your horse. You will learn to see WHAT is going on and HOW to make the next step(s) in your training. You will get tools to improve physical elements such as balance, movement, suppleness, coordination. But also tools to change your own mindset as a rider/trainer and to improve the connection and communication with your horse.


My Online Modules will give you:

  • Knowledge

    Basic biomechanics and more! The why, what and how of correct training.

  • A better Eye

    Learn to see how a horse uses his body correctly and where the improvements can be made. 

    Learn to see how a rider sits and moves correct and where the improvements can be made.

  • Simple Solutions for Riding Problems

    Simple exercises to improve yourself and your horse in balance, suppleness and communication to help you solve riding problems.

  • Partnership

    Simple exercises to improve the relationship and communication between you and your horse.

  • Training Structure

    Inspiration how to refresh and progress your daily training.

  • Harmony and Lightness

    A refreshing new approach to the theme collection.

  • Positive Support

    Each module you will have the opportunity to get feedback on your own training.

What I want to offer you is:


I promise you my Online Modules will transform your riding. Followed as a full program the modules address all aspects of good training: your body use  and mindset, the body use and mindset of your horse and the relationship and communication with your horse.  

Time Efficiënt

Access from anywhere on computer, tablet or phone. Each module gives you unlimited access for a whole year so you can watch and re-watch as often as you like! No dead-lines or pressure.


The modules include hours of indepth lectures, case studies and exercises, but you will also get individual, support and feedback with each module, to make sure the modules are tailor-made for you and your horse.


Each module can be followed individually, based on your interest and where your focus in training lies.

The modules also provide a structure to get from where you are towards your dream-goal when followed one after the other.  

"When you know what to do and how to do it, 

the sky is the limit!" 

Ylvie Fros


Ylvie's Training Philosophy:

My Training Philosophy: the foundation of good work with horses lies in knowledge and awareness. Followed by a good relationship and communication. Only then can we start to train for balance and health. This can be done in groundwork and in riding. My online modules alternate in focus between the development of the horse and the development of the rider and the connection between horse and rider.


Online Theory Module: Biomechanics of the (Riding) Horse

Learn to see how a horse should move and how your horse moves!

Now Available:

Groundwork Module: Develop your relationship with your horse

Relationships are the foundation for any performance. Learn how to train your horse in a stress-free way and how to become your horse's friend and teacher. This module covers the basic groundwork exercises such as how to start a shoulder-in and quarter-in, as well as longing exercises and liberty work.


Online Module: Biomechanics and Mindset of the Rider

Learn to feel how you use your own body and get exercises to improve your core stability and flexibility

Riding Module:

Fun exercises to supple up your horse

Get tons of inspiration on fun exercises to solve many physical problems in your horse. Become a fitness trainer for your horse in the most inspiring way possible!

Learn how to teach inspiring lessons that are structured, fun and meet your students needs.

Are these Modules for you?


They are if you are:

  • Focused on your own path with your horse
  • Creative and open minded
  • Placing wellbeing before results
  • Interested in sustainable training
  • Looking for connection with your horse
  • Looking for alternative solutions for training problems
  • Interested in improving your FEELINGS as well as your TECHNIQUES
  • Always curious to discover the HOW, WHAT and WHY in training
  • Looking for ways to improve your performance by improving partnership
  • Interested in improving YOURSELF first

"As a horse trainer and instructor, I live to develop my mind, my body and the mind and body of my horses, and am passionate about passing my knowledge and experience on to other horse lovers so that we can keep our horses happy and healthy and together send positive energy into this world" 

Ylvie Fros



Each module will grant you unlimited access to the lectures, video's and exercises of that module for a year.

Online Theory

Biomechanics of the (Riding) Horse


Available NOW!


More about this Module


Work from the Ground

Exercises to develop the relationship & communication with your horse


Exercises for Riders

Biomechanics and Mindset of the Rider


Available NOW!


More about this Module

I want you to be happy!

7 days Money Back Guarantee

I am sure you will find these online modules educational and helpful. If you don't learn anything new, I will offer you a 7 days money back. This way you can join the online modules without any risks or strings attached. But I am sure you won't use it. Just the Online Lesson that you get with each module for free will give you enough ideas to continue your development with your horse in a satisfying way! 



Ylvie Fros is a licensed Bent Branderup Trainer, Centered Riding clinician/instructor level III, Master of Science and Education,

Published author and most important 100% Horse Lover. She teaches at her own farm in the Netherlands and abroad to spread her passion about the Art of Riding. 

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