The Art of Riding by Ylvie Fros presents:

Online Instructor Training

Training for

Harmony, Lightness, Happiness and Health and share this with your Students!

  • You already are a riding instructor or wish to become one in the future. Which certifications you have is irrelevant.

  • You want to know more about academic groundwork and may be interested in going for the groundwork/longetest in the future or you have already passed this test but want to deepen your understanding to improve your own training and your teaching.

  • You want to know how to help people improve their body-use and want to develop your own seat. You are interested in taking a level 1 CR course in the future or you are already a CR instructor who wishes to develop herself.

  • You want to improve your didactic skills, are interested to learn more in how students learn and how you can transmit knowledge and skills in a stimulating and inspiring way. 

  • You put the welfare of horses and their humans above ego. 

  • You wish to give horses and humans a good basic training, taking into account both the physical and the mental part of horse and rider.

  • You are ready to join a group of likeminded people from the Netherlands and abroad to share knowledge for the next 6 months.









    • To spread knowledge about the great combination of Academic Art of Riding and Centered Riding
    • To stimulate passionate riders to join the knighthood of the AAoR
    • To increase the didactic tools and knowledge of instructors so that we can have more good teachers/trainers 
    • To give insight into the biomechanics of horses and riding and to promote exercises that are helpful to develop self-carriage and balance in rider and horse.
    • To stimulate passionate riders to join Centered Riding Inc. and to integrate CR techniques in their teaching.


    My general goal: To help encourage the development of harmonious cooperation between human and horse, adressing both the mental and the physical part of both horse and rider.

  • In 12 lesson days we will cover:

    The horse:

    • Train your eye: how does the horse move? what is correct and incorrect use of his legs and back? Which elements of crookedness are visible in horses and what is the essence to reach balance?
    • To train knowledge and skills in straightening and rebalancing the horse from the ground, on the longe and under the rider using Academic training. 
    • To increase the set of possibilities in exercises to train a horse.

    The rider

    • Train the eye: how does the rider sit and move? What is a correct posture and movement? Which crookedness is visible in riders and what is the essence to reach balance?
    • Train knowledge and skills to help find a rider more bodyawareness and balance.
    • Increase the set of possible exercises to help a rider develop an independent seat. 

    Teaching and Training

    • Didactic knowledge and skills. Learn how to set learning goals, how to handle different learning styles, and different ways to teach a subject.
    • Mental training of the horse: how to deal with different characters? How to keep horses motivated in training?
    • Mental training of the rider: how to deal with different characters? How to keep riders motivated in training?
  • Want to join?

    November 2021 the next instructor training will start.

    This training is partly taught in online theory days and partly live (in praxis). The theory remains available for a year, so you can take your time watch it all again when you need it. 

    The practical lessons can be done online via a livestream connection or live on Ylvie’s farm in Lunteren for those close enough to travel. These lessons will be partly in Dutch and partly in English depending on the student(s).

  • Dates:

    The online programme:

    6 november: Online lesson day Biomechanics of the Horse

    20 november: Online lesson day Rider Biomechanics and Mindset

    4 december: Online lesson day Academic Groundwork

    18 december: Online lesson day Academic Riding

    8 january 2022: Online lesson day Didactics I

    22 january 2022: Online lesson day Didactics II


    Het practical programme:

    5-6 february 2022: Practical weekend I

    5-6 march 2022: Practical weekend II

    2-3 april 2022l: Practical weekend III


    You can join the full program or sign up for separate online activities.

  • The full program is available in 3 options:

Theory Only


 Access to all (live) online theory lesson days and the recordings of all practical lessons from the participants. Your investment in more then 50 hours of educational material: 

6 monthly payments of 145,- euro per month.

All material remains accessible to you for a year.


Theory and online lessons


Access to all (live) online theory lesson days and the recordings of all practical lessons from the participants. Your investment in more then 50 hours of online educational material AND 10 online livestream lessons:

6 monthly payments of 220,- euro per month.

All material remains accessible to you for a year.

Theory and live lessons


Access to all (live) online theory lesson days and the recordings of all practical lessons from the participants. Your investment in more then 50 hours of online educational material AND 3 practical lesson weekends at Ylvie’s farm in Lunteren incl. lunches and stabling of your horse or use of a school horse:

6 monthly payments of 230,- euro per month.


Monthly Cancellation possible!


​You register for the full course, but if you have to discontinue your participation, you can cancel your membership on a monthly basis.

"When you know what to do and how to do it, 

the sky is the limit!" 

Ylvie Fros



(among other things): 

  • To use succesvol groundwork and longeing as a training tool. Depending on your entry level we work towards the groundwork/longetest and you learn how to coach your students to this level step by step. 
  • To be able to ride a horse in balance by placing his shoulders and hind quarter in shoulder-in and haunches-in and coach your students to do the same.
  • To feel and influence the hind legs and point of weight of the horse using the seat, and teach your students the same.
  • A scala of seat exercises to meet your students individual needs.
  • How to rebalance yourself and your horse with half-halts
  • How to make a training plan for horse and rider
  • How to explain the WHAT, WHY and HOW of this plan based on the biomechanics of the horse.
  • To prepare and teach private lessons fitting to the horse-rider combination, their level of training and their development
  • To prepare and teach group lessons that differentiate enough between riders and give enough personal attention to all participants.


Here is what others say about Ylvie's (online) teaching:

Elsa - The Netherlands

"During the Masterclass I got the opportunity to really boost my trainer skills. I gained confidence in the abilities of my horse and myself. Ylvie is a trainer who goes in depth, without loosing sight of where both human and horse stand and what they need."



Claudette - The Netherlands

" After trying many different things, I concluded that the regular dressage training was not working for us. We needed to change. In my search for an alternative I came across Ylvie and joined her masterclass. Through her lessons, knowledge and enthusiasm, we are now improving steadily. We found back joy in our training and my horse is mentally and physically fit."


Passed the Groundwork-Longetest

in 2018

Kerstin - Finland

"Ylvie is a very pedagogical teacher who loves to challenge her students. What I find the best about Ylvie's lessons is the simplicity, she is able explain every detail which provides you as the rider with a great deal of knowledge and transparency.  She is able to do this in the online lessons without missing anything."

Harma - The Netherlands

"Ylvie always manages to address the detail that brings us a step forward, but that also makes things effortless. And this helps me and my horse to become more and more a unity."


Passed the Groundwork-Longetest

in 2016

Anja - Switserland

“If two years ago I knew I would be taking online lessons in the future and learn that much with my horse, I wouldn’t have believed it. Online lessons, webinars and theory modules allow me to learn at my own pace, progress from home, discuss and meet fantastic horse people. My horse and I improved so much this last year! I was and am still amazed at how much technology can bring us and how many details Ylvie sees through a screen. 900km separate us but it is almost as if she is physically there with us.”



















"As a horse trainer and instructor, I live to develop my mind, my body and the mind and body of my horses, and am passionate about passing my knowledge and experience on to other horse lovers so that we can keep our horses happy and healthy and together send positive energy into this world" 

Ylvie Fros



Ylvie Fros is a licensed Bent Branderup Trainer, Centered Riding clinician/instructor level III, Master of Science and Education,

Published author and most important 100% Horse Lover. She teaches at her own farm in the Netherlands and abroad to spread her passion about the Art of Riding. 

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