Rider Transformation Program

The Art of Riding by Ylvie Fros


Do you feel like there is more potential inside you and your horse? Do you feel stuck sometimes, or are you struggling to find your way? Are you encountering physical limitations in yourself or your horse? Or do you feel you and your horse could use some ‘relationship therapy’ sometimes?


You are not the only one who needs a little inspiration sometimes.. In my free E-book I will share some compelling stories of riders who have faced difficulties with their horses but have not given up. They searched for ways to work through their issues and on the way transformed both themselves and their horses. My E-book includes their secrets.. how they kept hope, love and changed their approach to come out as better horse owners, trainers and humans! How they discovered their way and their authenticity and how they learned to respect the authenticity of their horse. 

Including.. my own personal story of transformation!


Are you curious? This E-book does not bind you to anything. You will be added to my Rider Transformation Mailinglist, but you can sign out any time. Though the mailing list I will continue to give you inspiration and advice in how to develop your own body and mind to become the best rider you can be, so that you can help your horse to become the healthiest and happiest horse he can be!


-xxx- Ylvie